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Finding an alternative fuel source is something that many people overlook when planning their self sustainable lifestyle. You may be raising your own livestock and poultry, growing all the vegetables your family consumes, but are you using it a tractor to do it? If you sell goods that you produce on your homestead, do you drive your products to market?

It is possible to live a self sufficient lifestyle without gasoline or diesel, but if you farm with a tractor or regularly travel by vehicle, you will be in for a shock when your tanks run dry. Fortunately alternative fuels are getting a lot of attention these days, both at the commercial and do-it-yourself levels. Ethanol, waste vegetable oil, and bio-diesel are all alternative fuels that are suitable for home production.
making bio-diesel Bio-Diesel as an Alternative Fuel  - Bio-Diesel production is climbing around the globe as oil prices rise and the world looks for a green fuel option. Bio-Diesel can be made in small batches from a variety of materials, but is it the right fuel to power your modern homestead?