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We define Alternative Energy as any environmentally responsible source of power, heat, or electricity that be used to support an off grid homestead. Solar panels, wind turbines, micro hydro, and geothermal energy are all proven sources of alternative energy and new technologies are in the works. Check back to see what new developments are on the horizon of alternative energy.  Living in an off grid homestead doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy modern conveniences thanks to alternative energy sources.
roof mounted wind turbine Benefits of Solar Water Heaters  - Utilizing solar energy to meet your water heating needs is one of the most economical ways to implement alternative energy on your homestead. Solar water heaters are can function in nearly any climate and are a great solution for people living off grid.
roof mounted wind turbine Generate Electricity with a Wind Turbine  - Wind energy is the fastest-growing source of energy in the United States. Clean and relatively inexpensive wind turbines harness the energy in wind and are an attractive option for those looking for an alternative way to power their homestead.
micro hydro turbine Basics of Micro Hydro Electricity  - Only a small percentage of parcels are suitable for a micro hydro installation. But if you have an adequate change of elevation and sufficient water flow, micro hydro may be the most efficient and cost effective way to power your homestead.
mounted solar panels array Basic Components and Design of a Solar Panel Installation  - Photovoltaic solar panels may have been designed to power satellites, but their ability to safely and affordably generate electricity makes them a great solution for powering an off-grid homestead. Learn how to evaluate your site and what to consider before planning your solar panel installation.
listeroid - lister diesel engine Lister Diesel - Power Up Your Homestead with a Blast from the Past  - If you live off-grid and require large amounts of power, it's difficult to escape the need for a generator. This doesn’t mean that you need to run out and buy an inexpensive but loud and gas-guzzling generator consider the power, reliability, and efficiency of a Lister diesel engine.
homemade lump charcoal Make Charcoal at Home for the Best Barbeque - Most Americans are familiar with bags of formed charcoal briquettes, but did you know that lump unprocessed charcoal is an available alternative? Charcoal is made by heating wood, which drives out moisture and gasses until carbon is the primary element remaining.