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Life Unplugged isn't about life without electricity or modern conveniences. Rather, it offers ways to develop an economical, self sufficient lifestyle thru environmentally responsible practices and principles. The term modern homesteading is the best description for the environmentally responsible, self sufficient, and energy efficient lifestyle that I envision.

Regardless of the reason you choose to change your lifestyle, you may be surprised by the far reaching benefits. For example, let’s say that you want to keep chickens so that you can enjoy fresh organic eggs. While you are enjoying the eggs, the chickens will enjoy a life not confined to a four square foot cage. When the chickens are not laying eggs, they are an effective means of weed and insect control. Did you realize that by raising your own eggs you are reducing our dependence on domestic and foreign oil? I know that sounds odd, but you aren’t using gas to drive to the grocery store, and truck drivers aren’t using diesel since they didn’t have to run from the chicken plant to the grocery store.

As another example, let’s look at the decision to build a house that utilizes passive solar design. Windows are oriented to collect sunlight during the winter months, but eves and overhangs shade the windows from direct sunlight during the summer. Both heating and cooling costs are reduced saving you money every month that you own your home. An energy efficient home is also likely to have a higher resale value than a comparable home with significantly higher heating and cooling costs. The financial savings are great, but that is only the most obvious benefit. If you aren’t using as much electricity to cool your home, then natural gas and coal fired power plants run a little bit less. This is going to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. If less coal is used, then the pollution and destruction of habitat caused by the surface mining of coal will also be reduced. If every single home utilized passive solar design, the reduction in electrical usage would be tremendous.

It doesn’t matter why you choose to change your lifestyle. Do it to save money, to ensure animals are treated humanely, or to protect the environment; we will all reap the benefits.

We want to hear from you if you currently live on a modern homestead and:

  *  Utilize alternative energy
  *  Keep poultry and/or livestock
  *  Build with green methods or materials
  *  Practice food preservation
  *  Produce homestead crafts (make cheese, soap, woodcrafts, etc)

Email webmaster(at)lifeunplugged.net if you are interested in sharing your experiences with our readers.