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The idea of an owner built home is gaining in popularity as people realize that spending every dime on their cookie cutter McMansion isn't all it is cracked up to be. Smaller homes with simple designs can still be attractive, yet they are easier and more cost efficient to build.  Cutting out the general contractor's markup, performing as much of the labor as you are comfortable with, and bargain shopping for building materials are all ways to build an inexpensive home. Green building technology continues to evolve giving homesteaders the opportunity to enjoy modern conveniences while reducing their carbon footprint. Earthbag buildings, cob cottages, and straw bale homes are more comfortable than ever with today's efficient doors, windows, and roofing products. Frugal homesteaders can support second chance building centers where they can recycle used windows, cabinets, and lighting fixtures for the ultimate green household.

cordwood house Efficient, Long Lasting Metal Roofing  - Relegated to covering barns and sheds for decades, metal roofing has become a popular choice for residential roofing. See what has changed and why a metal roof may be in your future.
cordwood house Building a Cordwood Home  - Building with cordwood is a great way to construct a unique and energy efficient green home from locally grown wood and scrap wood found on your property. Cordwood homes are pleasing to the eye and require very little maintenance.
earth berm house Benefits of an Earth Berm or Earth Sheltered Home  - Some people assume that an earth berm home is dark, cave-like, and buried in the ground, but it is in fact quite the opposite. Earth berm homes (and earth sheltered homes) have many benefits to both the homeowner and the planet.
building a cob oven How to Build a Simple Wood-Fired Cob Oven  - Build a wood fired cob oven to enjoy fresh baked bread or delicious pizza. An outdoor oven is a great gathering spot for parties, and will help you keep the heat out of your kitchen in the summer. Best of all, the price is affordable and you can build it yourself.
living roof Put a Living Roof on Your Modern Homestead  - A living roof reduces run off, prevents erosion, and can filter pollutants out of rainwater. Unlike most roofing products, a living roof isn’t damaged by the sun’s rays. The thermal mass also acts like a blanket of insulation reducing energy costs associated with heating and cooling.
building strawbale home Benefits of Building a Straw Bale Home  - Straw is an affordable and renewable building material that is widely available. Straw bale homes are ultra efficient due the insulation value of straw and the thickness of the walls. Straw bale building is gaining in popularity and building resources are widely available.
bandsaw lumber mill Saw Your Own Lumber from Trees on Your Homestead  - Saw your own lumber with a chainsaw mill or bandsaw lumber mill. You will know that you aren’t supporting clear cutting operations and you may be able to save some money. Purchase a mill or hire someone to custom cut lumber from your property.
building a cob house The Inexpensive, Owner Built Cob Home  - Because cob buildings utilize local materials and sustainable building practices, not only will your home be cheap, it will be an environmentally friendly green home. You'll also be able to escape the cookie-cutter look of modern suburbs.
earthbag building Building with Earthbags - The Ultimate Green Building Material - Earthbag construction has been around for at least a century, but it is gaining in popularity as modern and innovative designs are developed. Although it sounds very simple, there is some science and strategy that should be considered when planning your earthbag structure.