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Few people are able to finance their modern homesteading adventure without keeping a job to pay for it all, but there is an alternative.  Find a job where you can work from home, take freelance or contract work, or best of all start a home based business. Hopefully these original home based job articles will help you fund your homestead and free you from the 9 to 5 grind.  If you would like to suggest a home based business or home job opportunity with low start up costs that requires little specialized knowledge, please send your idea to 'editor' at this domain.

Don't forget to share your homesteading home job experiences with me and my readers!
home business - dog sitting Start a Dog Day Care Business at Home While thinking over the possibilities of small business ideas, a neighbor asked if I could take her dog while she attended a conference, and said she would be glad to pay me for the service. I’ve been a dog-owner and dog-lover all my life: this was just the business I had been hoping for and it fell into my lap.
finding work as a mystery shopper Working as a Mystery Shopper - Finding work as an independent contractor is ideal for anyone who wants flexibility, as steady work hours each day are not necessary and each contract is dependent on a particular task. This makes mystery shopping, which is generally done entirely by independent contractors, appealing for many people.
photography business Tips for Building a Photography Business - Anyone with a camera and a love of photography can claim to be a professional photographer, but these tips will help you stand out from the competition, build your business, and improve the quality of the images you shoot.
small business home office Turning a Hobby into a Home Based Business - If you have a productive hobby -- and most people do -- you may have an untapped source of extra income. There are dozens of popular hobbies that can be turned into a home business; writing, photography, raising animals, gardening, and crafts of all kinds are just a few examples.
freelance writer Avoiding Freelance Writing Scams - Like most work-at-home opportunities, freelance writing is a hotbed for Internet scammers. Most scams target new writers who are trying to establish themselves, and are easily spotted if you know what to look for. Scammers are usually after one of two things: someone to write for free, or sales of a product "guaranteed" to improve your chances at getting work as a writer.
paid survey Legitimate Paid Surveys for Extra Money - Paid surveys won't provide a full-time income -- or even a part-time one -- but it's certainly possible to make a few hundred dollars a month being a guinea pig for market research firms.
freelance writers Getting Started as a Freelance Writer - One of the biggest challenges of homesteading, or even just living in a rural area, is finding a reliable source of income.  But if you have a computer with Internet access, a strong command of the English language, and a knack for explaining things, you can almost certainly work from home as a freelance writer.
backyard garden plant nursery Start a Garden Nursery in Your Backyard - Consider starting a small garden nursery in your backyard to generate some extra income.  All you need is a green thumb since start up cash and growing space requirements are minimal.  Best of all, you will save money in the spring if you start your garden plants from seed.
handspun yarn Spinning Wool into Cash - Add some unique characters to your farm by raising animals for their wool, hair, or fur.  Spin the fibers into a natural yarn that will appeal to many consumers who desire to get away from manmade fibers and mass produced clothing.  If you have the skill, then turn the yarn into comfortable blankets, warm clothing, or attractive decorations around the house.