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Our Favorite Self Sufficient - Off Grid - and Modern Homesteading Blogs

Establishing a self sufficient, off grid, or modern homestead is a dream that many of us share. Financial limitations and family situations conspire to keep you from taking the plunge into a new and rewarding lifestyle. While you are planning the move to your modern homestead, follow along with the adventures of others who have taken the plunge. Learn from their experience and laugh at their mistakes as they blog about their life unplugged.
Self Sufficiency Blog from Herne Cottage is maintained by a self proclaimed 'dreamer' based in Buckinghamshire, UK. This couple is working to become self-sufficient in a semi-rural cottage. The site has great pictures and posts are interesting. Visit the site to see how they progress on future projects of adding bees, chickens, and goats.
Achorn Farm consists of a 200 year old farmhouse, on 100 acres of land, maintained by l loving family. Follow along on their journey to self sufficiency as they raise crops, livestock, and children. Achorn Farm is frequently updated with interesting posts and great photos.
Throwback at Trapper Creek chronicles the activities on a farm in the pacific northwest as a family works toward self sufficiency. They raise and process their own poultry and have extensive gardens to stock their fruit room. This site offers high quality photos and numerous videos.  Their posts and how to articles are well written and entertaining. Make sure to check out their articles on lost and primitive living skills.
5 Acres and a Dream is a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Appalachia. Working to become self sustainable, an empty nest couple gardens and takes care of their animals while renovating their old farmhouse. This blogger is also an avid fiber artist for those interested in knitting and weaving.
Carpe Diem Acreage is described as 'a family of four trying to improve our lifestyle by living a more simple life in a complicated modern world'.  Enjoy the recipes and stories that they have to share from their small homestead.
Little House on the Hill is not truly a blog at the moment, but it tells a great story of a couple building a little cabin in the woods.  I believe the combination of modern amenities and practical design will make it of interest to many of our readers.