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Tell us about your upcoming change in lifestyle

Are you trading in your cul-de-sac for a cabin? Tossing the kids' toys as you plan to downsize from a McMansion to a city-based rowhome? A prominent television production company is developing a series profiling families opting to trade in status quo lifestyles for something more intentional and meaningful.

If you fit this bill and plan to make a change within the next year, we'd love to hear from you.

Your name
Family members' names and ages
Phone number
Email address
Where do you live now? (city, state, and type of home / lifestyle)
Where do you plan to move? (city,state, and type of home / lifestyle)
When will this happen?
Why are you making this change?
What needs to happen between now and your move?
How do your immediate family members (spouse, kids) feel about this change?

Your email address will not be recorded or used for any purpose other than consideration for the television series project. It will not be used internally or provided to third parties.